Is this where I say hello?

Grüß Gott, Servus and Hello fellow RPGers! :sunglasses:

I’m relatively new to Vienna; moved here July 2017. My wife and I are mostly settled and I’m itching for a bit of gaming.

I’m into all sorts of stuff. RPG wise I’ve been in extensive DnD campaigns (2nd through 4th editions) and Shadowrun campaigns. I’ve also dabbled in tons of other RPGs in mini-campaigns or one-off games.

I play all sorts board/party games, having a decent sized collection of my own.

Finally, I’m also really into the Game of Thrones LCG. I know there is a meta in Vienna but haven’t quite figured out how to tap into it. If anyone here plays, let me know!

I’m 100% open so if you have space in your game drop me a line!


-emptyrepublic (a.k.a Martin)


Hi there emptyrepublic/Martin!

Welcome to the forum! We have regular meetings every Thursday at SpielBar, there will be a post beforehand every week (none yet this week, but I’m sure one will go up soon). We play one-shots of just about everything, so I’ve no doubt you’ll find a game to your liking!

Once again, welcome, and looking forward to seeing you at one of our weekly game nights!



As Ian said!

Thursday at the Spielbar, all welcome!

Thanks for the welcome. :smile: Not sure if I can make it to Spielbar this week, but since it’s a regular thing I’ll definitely try to make it soon!

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Hello and welcome!