Hii im Lucy im 19 and have recently been getting into dnd.

i am still a total noob but would love to play ( i did one time start a by my friend self written campaign) but due to social issues we weren’t able to do more than a few sessions

so if anyone has any tips or stuff for me onhow to find people to play with and get started i general i would be super thankful ^^


Welcome Lucy, Mushroom xD

A good place to start is our VALUE games, either Friday evenings or Saturday Brunchish.

Otherwise, we have a discord and feel free to just talk to people xD Lots of DMs/Players are LFGing in the forums too :slight_smile:

welcome :slight_smile:

Our open VALUE (= Vienna Adventurer League Ultimate Experience) D&D games on FR/SA have proven to be a great recruiting ground for roleplaying groups:

FR evening has a bit more people … and we game in the 15th district
SA brunch is the 9th district in a restaurant/pub

There we play D&D one-shots with a system designed to give players the ability to transport their characters from one table/DM to another.

From time to time we run other Roleplaying games, that are not-D&D, there as well …
… but those games are the exception not the rule

Aside from the 2 open games mentioned above,
there is also an open “old-school” D&D campaign, who play D&D 80s-style as seen in the Stranger Things TV-series

Good Luck and Happy Gaming :vulcan_salute:

Welcome Lucy!

As the others already said, check out our discord server and our VALUE games :slight_smile:

PS: I love mushrooms too, especially self-collected ones from our forest, so much better than those bought in supermarkets :wink: