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On the 12th of May I intend to run an introduction game for Dnd 5E for three friends (@ST and @Violet_Red has a reserved place), but I have 3 additional slots for anyone who wants to give it a try.

This game is specifically ment for people, who have either never played a Role-Playing game or they did, but never tried Dnd 5E (the current version) or they have already read the rules, but not sure, how this works in reality.

During this introdiction game we will use pre-made characters (you can bring your own, if you already read the rules) and we will go through it together and then have a short introduction adventure. You can read the Players’ handbook beforehand, but it is not a must, I will explain all rules during the game.

The game will starts at 18:00 and I try to wrap up at latest of 22:00.

The goal of this session to get an idea, what this game is about, where can you find similar games on the forum and most importantly: have fun!


Not a new player, but if you need another player to fill a slot, count me in. Of course, if somebody new shows up, give them preference.

Awesome, count me in

Ok, so we have a game on Friday!

2023-05-12 18:00 (trying to wrap it up until 22:00, let’s see)

Fladerei at Goldschlagstraße 34 (10 minute walk from

Dungeons ans Dragons 5E introduction game.
All you need is some pencil/pen


  • 1 friend oustide the forum

So there is still 2 slots remain (but four players are already okay)
If you wish to join, please comment here!

See you on Friday!


I’m keen for it

Welcome @Bwg1972 !

Only one slot remains then.

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Thanks to the DM for the evening, I had much fun :dancing_men:

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