Introduction & Spire

Hi! I’m Flo (he/him), an Austrian who has dabbled in a few RPGs over the years (DSA, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Lot5R, Mouseguard). The cousin of a friend has told me about your weekly games and I thought I’d maybe give D&D a shot at some time.

But, closer to my heart: Would anyone be interested in a game of Spire? PCs are Drow (more similar to Elder Scrolls Dunmer than Forgotten Realms Drow) who fight an underground war against the Aelfir (High Elves) who have conquered their city a few hundred years ago. A major theme is how far the PCs are prepared to go and what they are willing to lose for the cause. The meat of the rules is in the special abilities of the character classes (some of them get weird, most start weird) and how the game adresses failure (which is not only an option, but is to be expected). Otherwise it’s quite light on the rules and focusses on storytelling (which players can also influence beyond their own characters, e.g. there are abilities that let you manipulate NPCs backstories, appear in a scene where you shouldn’t be because of your perfect planning, or a “man with a gun” suddenly enters the room (doesn’t have to be a man, doesn’t have to be on your side, but definitely has a loaded gun)).

I recently ran two sessions over Discord, and would really like to run an in-person game (not possible with my online group I’m afraid). I’d be interested in a one-shot (over one or two sessions), with the option of turning it into a short campaign.

Welcome :slight_smile:

:elf: Spire is awesome!
(sadly played it only once)

emotionally I would love to join,
but realistically would not have time to do so

maybe I could join if it’s “just” a 1-2 shot

so may games to run … so little time

I can recommend to join the Friday games (look for the thread with V.A.L.U.E. in the title). It’s a good place to meet people and even form groups for campaigns. It’s mostly D&D, but not exclusively. You could offer to run a one shot of Spire there (never played it myself), I imagen you find some interested players.

In if we can swing a date in January.


yeah January would be great

as @Xerdor has pointed out,

playing non-dnd games at VALUE games is def. possible
(we ran Star Trek and Dungeon World there)
… although most people show up expecting to play a D&D 5E game there

I would prefer to have this at a -quieter- place
would :heart: to join a two-shot :elf: :spider_web:

January is a realistic timeframe. I’ll keep watching for other players in the next few days.

@Darthbinks: I think I recognise your handle. Did you run a Whale Clan campaign in the Ivory Kingdoms about 8 years ago? If so, I was the Daimyo “Thank you, dark marauder”.

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yeah that’s me :slight_smile:

good times! :ninja:

Hi there,
I never played spire but it sounds interesting. I am always one for playing something new. So please count me in.


Would definitely be down to try Spire sometime :slight_smile: love me some oppressed dark elves.

Four (potential) players sounds great! If any of you have any suggestions where to play, that would be great (not really practicable at my place for the next 2-3 months).

I’ll join a table at the next VALUE evening, to get the lay of the land. After that, I could also maybe run a game of Heart there (the companion game to Spire). It focusses more on exploration, the social interaction is more within the party than with NPCs, and the character creation is a bit simpler.


I could provide an office space in the 4th district but we could also play at cafe1070 I guess.

Is this still happening?

Yes, sorry for not writing yet. Will set up a doodle this evening to find a date.

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You should have now received a Doodle Link via private message.

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@H @barpuncher @Darthbinks @svn 22nd and 29th had the most (green) votes in the Doodle. I’ll go for January 29th (sorry @H), location yet to be determined. I was at the VALUE game yesterday and think I could also try running a game there (if enough players are interested) next Friday or the week after. There’s at least one scenario where the ambient volume would add to the experience :wink:

I will not be there the next 2 weeks but I marked my calendar for the 29th :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the introduction!

Awesome, looking forward to the 29th!

If we can start a bit earlier, I can probably swing the 29th. I have practice at 6.

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