Introduction: RinEU (and a small LFP)


My name is Marcel, I am 24 years old and I will move to vienna at the 20th of April and i sadly have to leave my old playgroup behind. I am a long term GM and run mostly CoC! I am playing RPGs for a couple years now and am pumped to share my experience with new people!

I am looking to build a new playgroup for weekly (or bi-weekly) meetups.

I love plot driven and roleplay heavy games. I am not to fond of combat simulations bit do enjoy the occasional crawl.

If I find 3-5 players that are interested, I will try to make an “intro” session at the end of April where everyone that is not familiar with the system can play through a smaller scenario to find out, if you like it. I will also do this to get a feel for the group and how well the group fits together.

It would be awesome to find people that are ready to commit to a long term campaign.

If you are interested in joining feel free to leave a message. I am more than happy to include new players and players that are new to CoC into the group!

I am also happy to join an existing group if some of you are looking for players.

Some other Systems I ran before and could see myself running/playing:
Call of Cthulhu (my one true love)
Delta Green
Star Wars D20 and EOTE
The One Ring RPG
Cyberpunk 2020

If you are interested in joining me for some (hopefully) amazing adventures or if you are looking for players feel free to message me!

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Welcome to Vienna!

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I keep reading about this “Adventurer League” everywhere but i can’t seem to find what exaclty that is (and how to join). Could one maybe hit me up with a link? :slight_smile:

Welcome to Vienna!

You can find general information about Adventurer League here.

Basically it is standardised (you can play with your AL character anywhere in the world), organised D&D 5E play.

We meet every Friday and it is a really lovely, diverse community. Both experienced and new players are always welcome. We only ask that you announce yourself if you plan on coming so we can make sure we have enough DMs.

See this thread to get an idea.

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Nice promo.
Aanyway, welcome to Vienna)

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Sweet thanks! I will definetly check it out. I have played dnd 5e only 2-3 times so far. Looking forward to meeting you guys and gals!

Welcome to Vienna!
I am interested in CoC. Never played it though, just dm’d it once. So if you get a group going for an intro adventure I am in :slight_smile:
See you around at the other events till then! :v:

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I only played CoC once but I would love to play once more

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@martin and @blueblaze
Awesome! I will definetly message you two as soon as I am in Vienna. Gonna prepare an intro adventure for new people to try out the system!

welcome to Vienna (soonish)

this community basically has 2 common events at the moment
1 is Adventure League Fridays, the other is Open Game Thursday where we play a lot of different one shots in a lot of different systems and i’m very positive those that regularly are there would love another session of losing their sanity :slight_smile:

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That sounds amazing! I will make sure to prepare something cool for my arrival in your community!

I would potentially interested in CoC, if I manage timewise.
My experiences are sadly limited to DSA, DH and DnD 5e, but at least I have read quite a bit of Lovecraft´s work.

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CoC is one of the most frequently played Thursday night games. Feel free to join the fun!

Always knew the man had a ghostwriter!

Well maybe I might be able to join… not entirely sure yet.

Amazing :slight_smile: the less a player knows about whatever looms in lovecrafts universe the better. It keeps the mystery feeling alive and fresh when not only your character but also the player hinself has no idea what the heck is going on

The first rule of running Call of Cthulhu: Don’t tell the players you’re running Call of Cthulhu …