Introduction: new to dnd

Hi there!
I’m jan (he/they), im 20 years old and live in Vienna. I’m new to dnd and rpg’s in general. I’ve been interested for a really long time now and would really like to try. I’m excited to meet some new people and play some dnd! :smiley:


Hi Jan! :wave: I’m quite new to this forum myself so I’ll refrain from giving any advice, but I wanted to say hi :slightly_smiling_face:

The best advice in these parts is to join the weekly games and post in the weekly game thread. Welcome and look forward to playing with you!

Hi Jan,

welcome to our community. Easiest way to learn D&D is join our Open Games on Fridays at cafe 1070. No prior knowledge required but you should register with a short reply to the post in the forum a few days earlier. If you want to create a character please come a bit earlier somebody will help you in the process (and put this information also in the post).


@Unsniped @PatrickD chill people he had already signed up for them at that point xD

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