Introduction, new to being a player

Hello! I have been living in Vienna my whole life, but have only played DnD online with friends where I am the DM. Despite DMing for a good while now, since my group is full of beginners, including myself, I don’t count myself as anything but a newbie.

However I definitely do love DMing so far and would love to DM some more in the future. Especially because I am more on the artsy side and have made a few maps and stories of my own. Though, at the moment I definitely would love some more experience as a player.

I am not quite sure how to start to be honest. I have dice and the books digitally, so I can play in person. I saw that there was a meet-up yesterday, but honestly I have no idea what I would need to bring to a meet-up. Any tips and information will be appreciated!

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Hello, welcome on board :slight_smile:

At friday, we play an AL-like system called “V.A.L.U.E”. Most campaigns/modules are actually one-shots. For you as a player that means the following:

  • You can use any official source books for your character. Unearthed Arcana and Homebrew are not allowed (except for simple re-flavouring).
  • Your character can be any alignment, but you should be careful especially if you create an evil aligned character, as he needs to be able to work with the group.
  • For your stats, you have to use standard array or point buy. The point buy system has its range increased to 6-17, compared to the 8-15 range in the official rules.
  • Character evels are categorized in “tiers”. Level 1 to 4 is tier 1, level 5 to 10 is tier 2 and level 11 to 16 is tier 3. As it is your first time playing there, your character starts in tier 1 at level 1. After each session, your character gets a level-up. When your character gets to level 5, he becomes a tier 2 character and you can play tier 2 campaigns with him.
  • There are special rules for magic items, don’t expect to get a lot of them :slight_smile:
  • As I already said, most campaigns are actually oneshots, so you will probably play with different group conmpositions in different campaigns with different DMs every friday.

You can find the exact rules there:

You don’t need to bring anything besides your character (or an empty sheet if you want to create your character at the location, where other players can help you, but I assume empty character sheets usually are available anyways), and you can also bring your own dice, rule books and a mini for your character. We usually have enough spare dice for players that don’t have their own dice, and if you don’t have a mini for your character, you can either just use a die or the DM or other players can provide you one, and of course you can borrow the rule books too.

You may also join the discord:


Hey Frostbite! I cannot offer you this level of meetup, but we are small group that is meeting weekly and playing a unique fantasy setting.