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My name is Christoph, I am living in Vienna for four years now and I wanted to find a place to play some rpgs.
I have some experience with dnd 5e and some one shots in other games, including some very minor DMing.
I’m looking forward to trying new things - including point buy systems.
2 Questions at the start:
x) Is it possible to just come to spielbar at thursday, or should I announce myself?
x) It seems english is the go to language, is that also the case in your games?
Regards - Nepu

Welcome :slight_smile:
In theory you can just show up on thursdays, but it is a good idea to announce yourself in the thread (and check the thread to see if there are enough people and dms)

and yes the games usually are in english

Thanks for the nice welcome :smile:
I’m looking forward to trying out new stuff.
I’m hoping to find a spot in the adventurer’s league, since it seems like a good starting point to dive in the deep end