Introduction - Any interest in a Vampire V5 campaign?

Hello! My name is Nicolas and I would like to run a Vampire V5 short campaign in English. Depending on the feedback and players taste, I can manage to do it person or using Roll20. All of the other logistical details could be ironed out on the way. I will be happy to hear from you.

Take care!!

I might be interested. Always wanted to play in one^_^

Have you played V5 before? what kind of chronicle are most interested towards (action, political, horror?)

I played once in Amsterdam. But I loved the system as a player, while disliking it as a dm. So I dunno. Im fine with a lot of things.

I might be interested as well!

Have never played V5 (did play old WoD ages ago) and only recently started to read up on the updated lore.
I’d be most interested in horror and political stuff, and would tend towards playing a Tremere. Unless the option to play a Hecata (from Cults of Blood Gods) is open…
Roll20 would be ideal for me.