Introduction and Search for no-DnD players

Hi, my name is Jiri/Jirka, I have moved to Vienna from Czechia recently and I am looking forward to meet some new RPG-enthusiasts and possibly new fellow players here. I can converse in English, German, Czech, Slovak and a little Spanish.

I have played RPG games for almost twenty years and exclusively no DnD (I’m quite familiar with DnD systems, but mostly on theoretical basis and from PC Games). I have been in the both player and GM roles and tried the tabletop style, play-by-post style and in the last two years even playing online on Discord. My favourite style is still the classic tabletop with the dice in your hand a glass of refreshment by your side. I’m still organizing regular RPG cons in the Czechia and have many experiences with leading one-shot games of pretty everything possible.

I hope that I will find here someone playing, or willing to try, some of my favourite systems:

  • Blades in the Dark – I have led a campaign in the original setting of Doskvol and a homebrew campaign in alternative history of a Czech city Brno (which was maybe even more fun).
  • Apocalypse World – I really like the “play to discover” design and postapocalyptic setting. We have previously hacked this system and played PbtA in different styles and settings, it’s quite universal.
  • Ironsworn – I have just finished reading the rules and I really want to try it. The harsh world and its randomized cooperative creation seem to be perfect.
  • Fate – My favourite universal system. If I want to play anything without its own rules, I just use Fate.
  • Dračí Doupě II – Czech fantasy system, probably unknown to most of you, but pretty fun. A quite unique possibility for experimenters willing to try everything what exists.

(I really wanted to provide links for all of these systems, but it seems that I’m not allowed to :slight_smile: You can use Google or ask me if some of them should be introduced more closely).

Most of these systems are more or less “storytelling-oriented”, focused on collaborative playstyle and simple drama-building mechanics. If you are playing or planning to play anything from the list or similar, just let me know.

See you somewhere in Vienna.


Hi Jiri!
That’s quite a cool list of games you’re suggesting there. I’ve played a bunch of Ironsworn Solo and if you get a game together I’d love to join. It’s a really amazing system, if you can keep the tone appropriate that is, cause it’s rather punishing and doesn’t lend itself to lighthearted adventures.
Fate is also on the list of systems I’d like to try out some time.

Once upon a time, pre-pandemic and a bit more, we used to have weekly meetings at Spielbar, where anyone willing could GM whatever system they felt like. So arranging a meetup there or at another similar place is always a good starting point if you want to meet new people and play in a loose group.

See ya around :slight_smile:

I’ve only played in DnD campaigns and have been eyeing Fate for a few months now. I’d love to join a Fate campaign if you (or someone else) is running one.


Nice to meet you! I want to run a fitd system, but until we have more players for a full game, I’m running more story based one shots in 5e on Fridays.

Hi, I’m really glad that someone is familiar with Ironsworn.
I have also tried a Solo game, but I really missed the need to envision the fiction, when it’s just for myself. It would be interesting to try the Coop version with the style and tone suggested in the rules.
I will check the Spielbar and maybe other options and try to arrange a meeting there. I would like to discuss the preferences and expectations with other possible players and let’s hope somethings comes up from this.

I have a comment on Fate below.

Personally, I really like Fate for its versatility, but I prefer to use it on one-shots. I think that this system has too low support for story/world/character development and many other games do it simply better. But maybe we could arrange a one-shot game just so you could get used to this system and decide, if it’s for you. Anyway, it is always necessary to find an agreement on the setting first, because Fate is usable for anything and doesn’t provide any strict world or topics to play.

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And nice to meet you :slight_smile:
As I stated above, I would really like to start playing Ironsworn now. But in case it doesn’t work out, I’d get back to you and you’d have one more player for FitD.

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I have experience with Fate and Powered by the Apocaylpse games (e.g., Dungeon World, Stonetop, etc.). I have not yet played either Ironsworn or Blades in the Dark, but I definitely would like to. My copy of BitD is collecting dust, and I’d love to use it.

A bit about me from my own introduction: