Interest in a new campaign?

this message is an attempt to gauge the level of interest for starting a new group/campaign.

Please note that I am not offering to run such a group. My experience with DnD 5.0 is basically none and I don’t feel comfortable running a campaign for the system I am most invested in at the moment.

So basically, I am trying to get a few for how many people out here are looking for something more ongoing than the Thursday night one-shots, which are awesome, by the way.

It might be good to gather such interest in a thread in which people state heir interest, their experience, and he kind of game they like to play, by which I mean not system (Pathfinder vs. D&D), but rather a style of gameplay: for example, combat heavy dungeon crawl, or exploration based character development, or narrative generation.

Hey there. :blush:
I would definitely be interrested in a campaign level Dungeons and Dragons. Preferably heavy Roleplay Focus and/or riddles and puzzles since these are the stuff that brought me into DnD but I’ve never really experienced an actual focus on these Themes.

I’m slowly starting to get into Dming now but I’ve never Hosted a game yet so I won’t be cofortable with a campaign yet but maybe I’ll offer some oneshots in the future and we’ll see how it goes from there.

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You want the 5E Curse of Strahd. Combat & puzzles & lots of role play.

Yeah I love the setting of Strahd too but it isn’t limited to that. XP

But that’s the one I know. Ergo, CoS.

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interest: always, time: no :smiley:

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Definite interest. We just need a GM.

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I would be into it too.

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To be clear: I am currently in a couple of campaigns, so I won’t take up space that a person who is NOT in one might want.

But the GM is still missing from the equation. Players are never a problem. It’s GM’s.

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Okay so… If no other GM shows up, I can try and GM something. I’ve never really done anything but oneshots in actual systems, and only rund campaigns in homebrews.

I could try, but it would probably mean the players couldn’t expect too much out of it :sweat_smile:

In addition, I don’t know a lot about the different systems… What system would you all prefer?

Everyone starts somewhere. Both 5E groups I’m in have first-time GM’s, and they’re both excellent (and completely different).

Players get out of it exactly what they put into it.

I miss Pathfinder. But I also think you have 5-6 people in this thread who have no group. So I probably don’t get a say.

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Yeah, my guess is you‘ll be a fine GM!

Since you are offering to GM, Cookie, I wonder if you might suggest a day / time that works best for you. Maybe send a group message to those who expressed interest in this thread?

Thanks for volunteering!


Alright, I will do that as soon as I’m back home from university and rattled my calendar :blush:

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Ah, time, the great undoer of campaigns …

(I really have to get off my backside and start that 7th Sea campaign.)

If that’s the style you enjoy, we should play some of the old AD&D stuff from the days when D&D was at its puzzle peak.

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