[Interest Check] For New DMs and those who want to be: Looking Behind the Screen

My offer still stands too :slight_smile:

When? On a VALUE friday or some other day in my lair.

What I will play? You can choose:

  • A Most Potent Brew (A nice, little T1 beginner’s adventure with an alchemist’s dungeon that offers a lot of options for cool homebrew mechanics - pun intended :smiley: )
  • Death House (Yes, that one. That classic dungeon crawl from Curse of Strahd).
  • White Plume Mountain (An old schoon dungeon crawl for T2 or T3 characters, unforgiving and deadly, but in my opinion also a good introduction into that style of play - bear in mind that those dungeons are often too big to be run in a single session, this one most likely takes three - but multi-session games are quite common at VALUE)
  • Don’t Say Vecna (A T4 adventure for those who like an introduction into high-level DnD and want to see various ways of making fun and challenging encounters at these levels)

Or maybe something else? Going to prepare the Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask soon (T2).

Some things I can tell you about:

  • Combat encounter design, monster design and balancing
  • How to make rulings and how to apply the rule of cool
  • How to run and play high level D&D
  • How to run dungeon crawls and horror adventures

And other things :slight_smile:

I would be interested :hugs:

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Resurrecting this thread as finally my calendar clears and we have a date:

When? 12th May at 1200 (Sunday afternoon) - likely to be Sagewerks

What will I prep Sit in on my prep for the next VALUE session, see my process and ask any questions you like.

This would be me taking a new written adventure, working through it to set up for the session, see how I do it, what I prepare for, how I plan to manage time, etc. Happy to run through it in a ‘backstage view’ way and talk through what I would see as the edges and corners to watch and answer any questions you might have.

@durchzug - you mentioned you were interested.

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I’d be interested as well :slight_smile:

Can’t do May 12, sadly, but maybe at a later date…?

Sure - I may well run this or similar again later in the year.

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With thanks to @Col_Mustard_Ret @iBug @SilentButDeadly and our two newcomers in from Meetup for coming along to the session. I will post a fuller write-up of the topics and links mentioned as a seperate post.