[Interest Check] For New DMs and those who want to be: Looking Behind the Screen

DM: Looking Behind the Screen

Interested in DMing? Want to try it out, but unsure? Want to play and see behind the screen and how others do it?

I (and maybe some others) have the idea to run a table for new players and interested DMs who might want to dm themselves but are still unsure. See how other experienced DMs do it, why they prep what they prep, how their encounter balance works, how to pace and why you sometimes shoot the monk.

If you are interested post here :writing_hand: or write a pm :email: .

Some Info:

When? Either on a VALUE Friday or Saturday, depending when people want to.

What will I play? You can choose:

  • Potions Eleven (A small but nice Heist, with a comedic tone)
  • When Mages Fall (An investigation into missing Mages)
  • The Waydown (Social with a bit of sneaking and fighting)
  • Cloaks and Shadows (Investigation and Mystery, while dodging the law)

I’m new to this place, but I’d love that! Always wanted to DM but it seems so daunting, so this sounds like a great idea.


I would also be interested - especially for VALUE sessions. :blush:


:vulcan_salute: Enthusiastic yes, generally available on the weekends if announced in advance. DMing first home game rn and would love some more live experience. Also interested in DMing open games if hobby pans out that way. :grinning:


When? On a V.A.L.U.E. Friday

What will I play? You can choose:

  • Dvngeon Invictus (An ancient-greek/roman-themed dungeoncrawl full of riddles)
  • Written in Dragonborn Blood (Starts as a cultural scenario - ends as a Horror adventure)
  • Shore of Dreams (A very open scenario with divergent paths)
  • Weekend at Strahd’s (Escape a gothic castle, with a comedic tone)

Brilliant idea!

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It’s not. :slight_smile:

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When? 1.5-2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon at Pickwicks

What will I prep Sit in on my prep for the next VALUE session, see my process and ask any questions you like.

This would be me taking a new written adventure, working through it to set up for the session, see how I do it, what I prepare for, how I plan to manage time, etc. Happy to run through it in a ‘backstage view’ way and talk through what I would see as the edges and corners to watch and answer any questions you might have.

PM/comment if you’re interested and once we agree a time, I’ll set up an ‘event’ here on the forum so anyone else who wants can join too.


When? On a VALUE friday.

What I will play? You can choose:

  • A Most Potent Brew (A nice, little T1 beginner’s adventure with an alchemist’s dungeon that offers a lot of options for cool homebrew mechanics - pun intended :smiley: )
  • Death House (Yes, that one. That classic dungeon crawl from Curse of Strahd).
  • White Plume Mountain (An old schoon dungeon crawl for T2 or T3 characters, unforgiving and deadly, but in my opinion also a good introduction into that style of play - bear in mind that those dungeons are often too big to be run in a single session, this one most likely takes three - but multi-session games are quite common at VALUE)
  • Don’t Say Vecna (A T4 adventure for those who like an introduction into high-level DnD and want to see various ways of making fun and challenging encounters at these levels)
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That’s an awesome idea, I’d love to join :slight_smile:

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@durchzug @SpaceLab @aiouh @Jackfruitchilli

Since we are quite a lot of people already. Do you have time this Saturday (13.1) or next Saturday (20.1)? Mine just opened up and I would be available all day, if you are interested.

Can gladly do this Saturday. VALUE rules for character creation?

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Yes, VALUE rules for character creation.

If you are interested in a particular adventure or a particular topic you can also add that.

This sounds great, would also be very interested to learn some tricks for DMing


Both Saturdays would work for me, especially in the afternoon. All four adventures sound good to me :slight_smile:

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It’s a definite yes for me for Both Saturdays, all adventures work for me. Potions Eleven is my Tiebreaker I guess

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@aiouh @SpaceLab @durchzug @Tea007 Would next week (Saturday, 20.1) afternoon (about 3pm) at Sägewerk work for you?


Works for me, thanks for doing this!

Unfortunately, next Saturday is not an option for me