[Interest Check] Eberron Hop On-Hop Off mini Campaign, Decision Paralysis

Note: This is not an invitation for a campaign or a campaign post. This is more to see what people are interested to see in VALUE

He, Ho Guys, I have a problem. I am currently inspired to write/ put together another Eberron open Hop On - Hop Off campaign (for VALUE) but I am stuck between two ideas. The campaign itself is still a bit off. But you can help me decide what it will be by telling me what you would like to see/ which concept you like more.

Something that is true for both concepts:

  • It will be run in the Eberron Campaign Setting (there will be a players guide)
  • There will be politics
  • Starting at level 1 to maximum 10 (if I do two seasons)

The Ideas (names in progress)

  • Scales of Corruption

You have been imprisoned unjustly in Karrnath (militaristic german/eastern european state with necromancers). You heard that someone wants you dead. Maybe you pissed off the wrong noble, maybe you know what you are not supposed to, maybe someone just wants your money, Anyway, they want you to disappear, off the books. You want to get out and maybe take revenge. And perhaps, a golden opportunity presents itself. Perhaps you become even a Spy in the process.

Themes: Corruption, Abuse of Power, Living in an authoritarian state, Espionage, Revenge, Prison Break, Fighting fantasy nazis, keeping peace, Technically season 1 is very inspired by the revenge part of the Count of Monte Cristo.

  • These Invisible Lines

You are in Arcanix (Aundair, Think French swashbuckling mages), the premier magical school on the continent of Khovaire. You made it, either through a scholarship or because you are rich. Now you get an education others only dream of. But all is not as it seems. Living together with people of all different nationalities in a time shortly after the Great War is difficult and there are always dark forces at the work.

Themes: School, Living in dangerous times, radicalization, propaganda, academia, how do I internationally cooperate with the people I fought for a hundred years. human rights, dark arts and cults. College is dangerous.

both sound amazing, personally I’d prefer the Scales of Corruption

Decision Paralysis intensifies :face_with_spiral_eyes:

first: both sound awesome :star_struck:

  • the advantage of “These Invisible Lines” would be that it starts at a school, so there is a lot of potential rp-stuff there (looking at my RomCom Strixhaven :mage: group)
    but stuff like this maybe shines more in a home campaign than in an open VALUE format :thinking:

  • the plothook for Scales of Corruption sounds a bit more interesting though (just my opinion, since I love political campaigns) … and the goals are maybe a bit more visible … which in open VALUE formats is a win

would gladly game both
… if you would threaten me with your evil DM smile^^, would vote for Karrnath, “the birthplace of kings”


I’m threatening you with (hopefully) a good time :imp:

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… the problem is, that I would def. have a good time in both open campaigns :wink:

Another one bites the dust:

  • Just love the Count of Monte Cristo
  • Would love to play a character at a school

Still the first one feels like it has the potential to create the more thrilling story. So a small advantage for the Scales of Corruption

Imo the first sounds more intriguing

Both sound great and interesting :smiley:

If I have to pick one, then I think Scales of Corruption does have a slight edge

I agree with the above. Scales of Corruption sounds very intriguing.