Inexperienced DM looking for new players

Hi Guys,

My name is Michael.

I recently had to stop my campaign because my players had private issues that I was not able to resolve unfortunately.

Now I’m searching for newer players wo’d be willing to play a homebrew campaign with me:
-I plan to play either weekly or twice a month.
-German or english depending on player preference.
-I plan to play online since I can’t offer enough space for the campaign to be offline
-The campaign will have a high fantasy/medival setting.

Hi, I would join to play with you online, preferably in English.

Hi, a friend an I would like to join you if you still seek players.

Hi since we already have a player who’d prefer german. Would you be available for german sessions as well?

Hi pleasure to have you on board. Would you both be available for german sessions or only english?

We both are native German speakers, but would also be ok with English.

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