In Vienna till Friday, looking to DM or play a one shot

Hi! I am a student visiting Vienna for EGU from Canada. I am a pretty experienced DM (have run 2 campaigns, and numerous one shots), and I have also been a player for one year. I was hoping I could play or DM in a face to face one shot one of these days, before Saturday when I fly back, hopefully have some fun and maybe make some friends. I know this is short notice but this is all the time I have. Fingers crossed.



Someone should create the next Friday night open session soon and then just sign up there. Check out the last VALUE post and the details will most likely be the same.

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Ah unfortunately the one for this week seems to be on Saturday

Keep an eye out - this Saturday brunch one is the first time we are doing that, typically we run a Friday night session. It is not quite the same people, Friday may well go ahead too.

If there won’t be an “official” VALUE game this friday, I could DM something as well, probably at my place, provided we get enough players of course.

That would be awesome if possible!

It seems like there will be VALUE games this friday. Just post here in this thread that you want to join: The V.A.L.U.E. of WOW the Fourth - #8 by Darthbinks


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