In Vienna for a couple of days (untill 8th) - Looking to meet up fellow adventures!

Hello all,

I am coming to Vienna, will be there for a couple of days, and since I will possibly be coming frequently for the next few years, looking for nerdy friends to introduce me to hobby cafes, events and shops :slight_smile:

I am Veljko, graphic & motion designer from Serbia (if you care) and an avid DnD (or RPG in general) player, more often the master.

Let me know if you are for a meetup, or would like some company! Unfortunately I only speak English… (and Serbian if there are some among you from here :))

Keep on rolling!

If you want to play DnD Adventurers League, there’s games this evening! Check out the latest threads and you’ll find the one for today.

Gladly, but I’m arriving tomorrow morning :confused: