In the summertime when the weather is hot (V.A.L.U.E. / Open D&D Night)

As always post in this thread, if you plan to show up. and also mention the tier of the character/s you want to play, or the tier of the adventure you like to DM.

If you need help with character creation, please show up ~30min earlier, hopefully me or someone else will already be there to cast guidance. :wink:

V.A.L.U.E Rules for creating a character

Item unlocks and tcp costs

cheers :beer:

I will show up and plan to dm a (low) T2 adventure: an oriental-themed pirate-treasure-hunt :japanese_goblin: :rowing_woman: :person_fencing:

will bring a T1 :elephant: character in case there will be no T2 table^^

Will be there to play tier 1/2/3; unfortunately my sister can’t make it this time.

If possible, I would like to play at @Darthbinks table :slight_smile:

Ima come ta play

I would also like to come, but since it will be my first time an an AL i will prolly be there earlyer for someone to show me the ropes. (have read the rules for the character and items but still got some questions) I will be playing T1.

I would like to come with a T1 character

Would also like to join and it’s my first VALUE game as well. Would come half an hour early with my character sheet for a check up. If you guys prefer not to many new players at once or there’s too many players this week in general,
I can also join another week, no problem.
Will play T1.

welcome :tada:

no problem at all
since there will be a lot of (new) T1 characters, I will look for a T1 adventure to dm :slight_smile:

the T2 pirate-treasure has to wait for another time :sunglasses:

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Thanks, then I’ll be there :+1:

Hold that thought. I might be able to dm a T1 adventure tmr, cuz I might come earlier, so that we have smaller tables.
But Ill be totes sure only tmr.

I will be there tomorrow with T1/2/3 characters.

I can also DM a T1 adventure if needed.

I would like to come and play T1

Not certain if i can make it, but when i am able to could play t1/2/3.

so far it looks like you’ll either have to do 1 big table, or 2 small tables
if Resil can DM you could do a small T1 and a small T2 table

current sign ups:

  • Darthbinks (DM T1/2)
  • Semako )T1/2/3)
  • Resil
  • Gammageddon (T1)
  • Alex (T1)
  • CombatWombat (T1)
  • joeder (T1/2/3)
  • KKevin (T1)
  • Kenta (T1/2/3)

either way, hope you’ll have fun :slight_smile:

I will also join this evening (sorry for the late notice!) with a T1 character:)

Ill be there by 7.30

And Ill DM

Thank you guys, for coming to my Ted Talk on Euthanasia XD

In all seriousness thanks for an awesome evening.

Right back at you and thanks to everybody else as well! Had a great time, would smash again!

Had also a great time with the group at my table :slight_smile:

they unlocked the following item:

  • Cloak of the Manta Ray