In dire need of adventure!

Searching for players and or a DM for a weekly to bi-weekly 5E game.

Preferably f2f - all further details can be disussed here or in a first meet and greet :slight_smile:

@Arnau will be one of the players, as he is tired of DMing :wink:

Write us a message if you are interested in a morally ambiguous campaign ^^

Hey there, I would be interested in joining this operation, as I am currently searching for a new group.

Can you elaborate on „morally ambiguous“?


I would be interested in playing (it has been years since I’ve played) if that’s alright.

Sounds pretty interesting! :star_struck:
Where are you based?
About me: I live pretty close to U6 Dresdner Strasse, have played now a few times, have been DM once or twice for 5E. At the moment I run the Lost mines with a few friends but wayy tooo rarely :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Schnitzl, wie viele Leute seit ihr denn schon in der Gruppe?

Hello altogether :slight_smile:
So at this point 5 people - a volunteer DM would be nice
@Strombilu morally ambiguous runs in our blood so to say :wink: we have had a drug dealing operation, assassins and or self appointed kings for starters.
Amything from “not good” to worshipping Lloth so to say.
Anyhow we ideally want a group that can stick together for longer irl and as PCs.
@Schnitzl I am living near Hütteldorferstr in the 14th as for Arnau he is in and around the 7th.

Sounds intriguing, PM me of you are looking for somebody to join your group.
I would love to be part of a set group.


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@Strombilu that is hard to say because my friends are dropping in and out. So it isn’t really something regular…:sweat_smile:

@BerndiSterndi yeah that sounds pretty cool. Hütteldorfer Straße and the 7th are both close enough. So if there is still space in your party. I’d be happy to be part :grin:

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If you want I would propose a meeting wdnesday, Thursday or Friday next week.
Somewhat around 18.00 at Cafe 1070 a after work get together of sorts.
I would go for Thu - maybe we all can arrange for that.
Let me know if that works for you.

I’d be interested in joining to learn more about what you’re planning! I could come on Thursday but not on Friday.

I’m pretty much a total beginner so you’d have to be patient with me :wink:

Is there some space for someone who never played before? :grimacing:

As Sarah and Strobi, I’m a beginner interested in hearing a bit more about these ambiguous activities :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is there any possibility to join?

@BerndiSterndi Thank you for scheduling a meeting! I am sorry but I won’t be free on Thursday the 25th June.

Since there seems to be a big influx of beginners at the moment and your group is pretty big with 5 people already, I would suggest that we (@Strobi, @Reso and if you also want @Strombilu and @sarahlovespandas) start our own game - more on a beginner point - since that seems to be a common ground :wink:

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@Strombilu and @sarahlovespandas - if you are interested, pls check the other thread " New Player looking for any form of playing D&D"

Yes do so if you want - we certainly dont want to drive anyone away, so anyone who wants to come tmr feel free to check out our game.

Oh so I misread… So you are talking about meeting tomorrow Thursday 18.06. at 18:00ish at the Cafe Zehnsiebzig (Burggasse 68/1, 1070 Wien)? I see what I can do :wink:

I will try and be there! :slight_smile:

Is the meeting for tonight confirmed? Do we need to book a table? (:

Meeting is confirmed table is booked :wink:

Great! What name is the booking under?