I'm looking for a DND-Group :D

Hello everybody!

I’m new in Vienna and I’d love to meet some people and roll some dice!
I’ve played “Mansion of Madness” before but have no experience playing DND.
Brief self-description: I’m a 27 years old civil-engineering student, reasonably fluent in English, highly motivated to learn new RPG rules and I’m the proud (?) owner of a set of dice. :wink:

Feel free to contact me. :smile:

Welcome in our community!

Hopefully we can greet you personally at one of the open-table games on any Thursday night in the Spielbar (usually we play here different one-shot games, DnD less frequently, although we just started a retrospecitve series of rediscovering old DnD versions ). Also, feel free to join to any Adventurer’s League game from middle September (these are open-table DnD5E games) or you might find a group forming in our forum (it happens quite often).

Oh, don’t mind the experience, we will help you out in any case.

Stay tuned!

Welcome :slight_smile:

As @S_journ already mentioned, we have weekly meetups on thursday @ spielbar (a thread for that usually is opened on thursday morning at latest), and we did start a pretty regular Adventurer League table on fridays @ spielbar (there usually will be a thread for that too, with a bit of info about what tier/level range the planned adventure(s) will be)
the AL meets are on a bit of a break for 2 weeks (i don’t dm this week, and next week will be a DM meeting to talk about the new season), but should resume after that

as for groups, new groups start quite often in this forum and running campaigns seek new players from time to time too, so best of luck in finding one or starting one of your own :slight_smile:

Hey @piupiu, welcome to the community! As a new member myself (only played last week’s AL session) I would be more than interested to start a regular campaign (from October maybe mid-September) :slight_smile:

@S_journ Sounds cool, I’ll be there!
At what time do you usually meet?

@stochastic_wolf yeah, I’m readdy to start a group! :smiley: