I'm just a babie

Hi! I’m Gen and I’m a newbie when it comes to games like D&D and have always wanted to join a campaign or at least try it out (my gf played it but we don’t really have a large enough group and I’m impatient aaaa!!!). I’ve been lurking this forum since last semester but only now mustered up the courage to sign up, please be nice haha.
From what I’ve read, I just need to announce myself in a thread organizing a meet up and just go, yeah? And how long do these sessions last? I’m not from Vienna so staying late can sometimes be an issue, so I’m wondering how rude is it to just get up n go.

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Let Pastor Mulog introduce you to this nice cult:D


Hi and welcome to the forums!

There are 2 regular open groups:
Open Game Thursday where they play a lot of different one shots in a lot of different systems.

And on Fridays there is Adventurer League:
You can find general information about it here.

Basically it is standardised (you can play with your AL character anywhere in the world), organised D&D 5E play.

We meet every Friday and it is a really lovely, diverse community. Both experienced and new players are always welcome. We only ask that you announce yourself if you plan on coming so we can make sure we have enough DMs.

See this thread to get an idea.

@Resil, I was surprised that nobody had answered so far :laughing:


@Resil @mulog thank you both so much!

Welcome! :slight_smile: To add to that, we do usually play until around midnight (so 4-5h), but I don’t think anyone would consider it rude if you had to leave early, as long as you let the people at your table know beforehand. We have several people who need to catch trains, and Adventure League is technically designed so that anyone can leave at any time.

thank you, the flexibility is really important for me! :smiley: i’m excited to attend the coming sessions!