I'm bacccck

So anyone interested in a d&d one-shot dungeon crawl. I have one already play tested and ready to go.
As for the when next week thursday or the weekend are options for me.
Let me know your interest and availability and I’ll try to line up the best day.
As for the where I’m open to suggestions, let me know what has worked well in the past and that everyone is comfortable with.
Finally this isn’t one of my mystery games but there is a little mystery in the story to be told.
Hope to hear from you.

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Hey :smiley:

it’s been ages
hope you are doing fine :slight_smile:

not having time to play another game atm
but it’s still great, that you are back :+1:


Hey Tom! Welcome back!

Welcome back Tom! :slight_smile:

Ima in for thursday or Sundae

I’d be interested, but think I can only make Thursday work.
It would also be my first ever game in English and with any of you fine ladies and gentlemen of this forum.

Thanks for the welcome guys. Anyway Thursdays 7pm as it was in the old days just the where is left. Spielbar is easy but if you all prefer to be outside in a park I’m down with that.

Think the weather forecast for the entire next week isnt all that amazing.

Is it alright if I show up as a new face? What would I need to prepare/bring?

Cryion all you need is a writing implement, paper (if you want to take notes) and dice. I will bring pregenerated characters.
As for the weather I agree it doesn’t look like outside will be possible. So Spielbar it is I guess.

For Spielbar you should probably give them a call or walk by, I don’t believe there still is a table reserved for us on thursdays as the thursday games haven’t happened in a while

Thursday’s probably out for me this week.

I’m also interested

Guys I’m terribly sorry but I have to cancel thursday. Turns out I’m an uncle now and due to long distance/time difference not a lot of options for a video call with my sister were available. I hope to try again in a week or two.
Again very sorry.

congrats on becoming an uncle! and obviously some things are more important than gaming



being an uncle is great :+1:

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