If you had the Time, what would you GM/DM?

Because it came up yesterday:
We all have our campaigns and sessions, but in between we always have those ideas. That political campaign, that thousand and one night inspired game, that one system you always wanted to try out. Doesn’t mean that it is realistic, but something you would like to do.

So if you had the time and didn’t run your current game, what would you like to run?


I would love to run some Dark Eye again, but I’m also (currently) not willing to invest the time to get back into the rules necessary to run it :smiley:


I have two big ideas and one smaller right now.

  1. I want to run the game Household for an one-shot, called the “Hunt for El Dorado”. Household is a game where you play small faerie creatures in an European folklore inspired setting of an abandoned old mansion. It would be a heist, treasure hunt adventure and I’m really excited for it. The system is cute but I’m unsure if I would use pregens or create characters with people before the one shot.

  2. “When the Masks fall”
    A political campaign in dnd 5e set either in Karrnath in the Eberron setting or the African inspired Mwangi Expanse of the Pathfinder setting. The party would be a team of spies and nobles under the command of a powerful figure that would try to shape a land that has its political problems. Currently tend more to Eberron for the spy/pulpy feeling.
    I just like the idea of having to deal with religious, military, and noble conflicts and problems being solved differently than just hitting targets.

  3. Delta Green
    I want to run a Delta Green (think secret organisation that tries to contain the horrors of the abyss) one shot. I have several ideas for that but I’m not sure of the “feeling” yet. But definitely a system I want to run.


I have an idea for a sci-fi campaign where you have been installed as sector overseers for a bunch of worlds humanity won in a bid, not realising it was more of a ‘military fire brigade’ set up not ‘rulership’.

Each session start is a new crisis, you have a bunch of assets like a mecha squad, super-spy, local militia, etc that you have to deploy to sort it out and choose where you go hands on yourselves.

Expanded write up here


I would like to run a homebrew 5e campaign inspired by the Octopath Traveler games. (And I would love to play in one too, but that is out of the thread’s scope…)

Actually, I drew some inspiration from these games when I created my homebrew setting, but haven’t really had the chance to make use of that considering the campaigns I ran so far, Frostmaiden and CoS, are pretty much confined to my Icewind Dale aequivalent/to Barovia.


:sob: too much to list here:

  1. Dunwall City Watch
    Investigation campaign about the city’s special crimes division set in the universe of the first of the Dishonored pc games.


  1. Club of Shadows
    An elite group of black mages operate in the Dark Lands (think Mordor) behind the enemy lines to do what needs to be done.
    Would be Dark Eye … so kinda the same reason as @Tersidian. :grin:

  1. something Star Trek
    a bunch of ideas:
    military campaign inspired by the 90s Space: Above and Beyond show (DISCO), a MASH-style campaign about a hospital ship (TOS or DS9), an exploration campaign about the unknown horrors of space (ENT) …

  1. New Fire
    Pre-Columbian mesoamerican fantasy.

  1. Tenra Bansho Zero

Sengoku-inspired :jp: roleplaying game where technology is powered by magic.

  1. Fragged Empire
    Scifi Post-Post-Apocalyse campaign as the remnants of an integalactic war, that had devestated the galaxy, are rediscovering the stars. Absolutly :heart_on_fire: the system.

@BufoBufo consider the SCP universe for your delta green campaign. Plenty of inspiration regarding the setting can be drawn from that. And the premise fits perfectly.

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That’s one of the reason why I want to run Delta Green. Something Nälka, CobG, or Antimemetic. But I have to check how I could put it in

Who needs time?

Coming soon: The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep in One Day

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at least that one is easy to pull of

just kill all investigators in session 1

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Ooooh that’s a fun question. - also love all the ideas. They all seem like very fun games to be had. :partying_face:

As you’re aware, the space in my current living arrangement doesn’t allow me to host games. But as soon as that changes and i can arrange time I would LOVE to run two very specific games.

1.) Think super duper ultra fantasy setting, very cute and woodland sylvanian type of setting where the characters would either be forest animals or tiny pixies navigating a big magical forest. :evergreen_tree::hedgehog::chipmunk:

2.) Cats in a modern day office/mall/complex building. They all have owners and when those are gone there are many many shenanigans and funky things going on. Solving crimes and mysteries that they witness as cats would be quite a difficult feat to GM but seems so cool. :cat2::office:

I also place a lot of worth on atmosphere so decorating the room and table with on theme decorations,lights, music and themed snacks would be an absolute goal of mine. I also love surprising my players with fun puzzles and minigames and making Pen & Paper even more interesting and ridiculous than it already is.

Yep. That’s my wish. Soon.
:pray: :pray: :pray:


I would run a campaign based in azeroth (world of warcraft) run probably in DND 5e but could be played in any system really.

It has a lot of great stories, only some of which people usually know. I’ve spent so much time there that i can tell most of them from memory.

Npcs, encounters, Dungeons, storylines already designed.


Another campaign I would run in the realm if infinite time would be a heavily re-worked Avernus campaign, the Blood War centred campaign I wanted Descent into Avernus to be. This would have a hot Blood War of legions marching, hordes clawing over one another and cataclysmic battles. Being anywhere near it should be a horrifying, low probability of survival event.

The campaign itself would be a war zone heist like Three Kings or Kelly’s Heroes where the objectives need to be achieved in secrecy and screened by the chaos of conflict or there is no hope of success. Attempt to pull this off without a distraction and you will be seen coming and stopped or identified and pursued home. You get away clean or not at all.

There would be a big chunk of infernal Mad Max style Avernus hex-racing.

Further thoughts on that one here.


Sounds great! Azeroth is a nice setting

we played such a campaign once
was fun :+1:

One campaign I have worked on for a while is based on a dream I had. Players will enter a sick man’s dreams or subconscious and fight the demons that cursed him, so the players go through the milestones of his life, so you can revisit his life and see him in different stages and ages. I wrote a complete set of encounters with twists and varying seriousness to match the table’s mood. It can be combat-based or more puzzle-solving and roleplaying-based. I don’t have the time, sadly, for it due to college. I want to try it one time at least this year maybe :frowning:


Would love to run:

  1. DnD or Fallout TTRPG adopted exploration of post-apocalyptic Vienna (find vaccine in ruins of Vienna Biocenter? dig out long forgotten reactor in TU Wien?)
  2. Diablo I home-brew DnD one/few shot. Still thinking how to implement hack&slash mechanics in 5E (full rest potions?)

minion mechanics (only certain (mini)bosses having actual hp, all others being hitcounters - 1 hit kills weaklings, 2 hits kill normal enemies, 3 hits kill tough non bosses … no matter how much damage is behind the hits, obviously also could add something along the lines of every x damage in a single hit coutns as an extra hit for killing the monster)


Oh, absolutely. :slight_smile:

But we’ll be doing it the hard way …

so 4E then ^^

joking aside
I use minion mechanics in my 5E games as well
(only the 1 hp minion part)

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