I guess we need one more DnD 5e group

I’m willing to DM a group.
4-5 players would be optimal.

I’d start with a one shot to get to know the players (and to give them a chance to get to know me and my style of DMing).
The characters used in the one-shot can either be used for the campaign that might start afterwards (if everybody likes the way it goes) or new characters could be created for that then.
Everybody could create their own characters or i could prepare some specifically for the one shots, if anybody wants to create their own and needs help, i obviously can and will help :slight_smile:

If it’s possible for everybody i’d like to host the first session at my place (19th district) either on 22nd, 23rd or 29th september,

Short information about the one shot: it’s designed to be doable by a group of 4 level 1 characters, (mostly) regardless of group composition, i plan to use a mixture of combat encounters, traps or trap like contraptions and riddles (which can be solved by rolls if you insist, or by thinking them through as players :smiley: )

if you’re interested, please respond to this topic, if you already know if any of the proposed dates don’t work for you, please add that information to your post too :slight_smile:

[edit] removed the 30th september as a possible date as one of the groups i’m playing in has decided on that date as our next session [/edit]

Obviously I’m interested so thanks for offering to run this and for hosting it.
I’m free on all the days except the 29th so I’m flexible. Also I have a level 1 Tiefling I’d like to try out if that’s cool

sure it’s cool, Tiefling are my favorite race :slight_smile: which class?
also did you use point buy for your attributes or did you roll for them?

Yeah Tieflings are awesome :slight_smile: She’s a wizard and I used point buy. Just need to do the spells then she’s done

sounds fine to me, if everybody (as soon as there are more players) wants to go with point buy everything is set, if the majority would like to roll there stats we will do that during the first session anyways :slight_smile:

hi, id also like to join…would be my first time playing so i might need some help with character creation…im thinking of playing a fighter/bard :wink:

Hey! I’d be very interested to join. I also actually never played myself but watched a few sessions on the Internet. Either point buy or rolling would be fine to me. :slight_smile:
All the dates except the 29th work for me.

well 1 - 2 more players and we’d be set :smiley:

@Pyro and @LizardQueen feel free to contat me via private message if you need help with character creation :slight_smile:

OMFG. You are NUTS. The longest part of char creation for me is assigning my stats. Like, hours if not days. There’s always roll20.

(She says who is not part of this group)

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You know me, all kinds of crazy in a mostly quiet package :yum:

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Call me crazy but I may or may not want to join a second group. Would you have anything against that @Tersidian?

Could be a lot of fun to consider a new character and explore a different playing style.

Well i will start with a one shot, so that’s ok for me

so @Sarah @Pyro @LizardQueen and @Crimson_Skye all of you ok with doing this on saturday the 23rd?
if you’re ok with saturday, when would you like to start? i was thinking about 13:00 - 14:00 and then play as long as it takes and al are having fun :slight_smile:

btw all of you ok with moving this conversation to what’s app? i’d need your numbers in a pm then please :smiley:

That’s next saturday right? Should be fine. Starting around 13:00 and going until we can’t/don’t want to anymore is how the game should be played imho :smile:

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Saturday sounds great :smiley:
@Tersidian could you maybe send me a pm first? I don’t think I can do that yet, or I’m just too stupid to figure it out^^

saturday is perfect :wink:

may i join :smiley: ???

sure :slight_smile: if crimson still is interested that makes it 5 players, which is the cap for me for now :slight_smile:

Good morning all!

Unfortunately, I’m actually moving apartments this Saturday. I don’t mean to be a party pooper, shoot! What about next week? I am available most evenings next week and also the weekend.

i think we’ll run the one shot with 4 players and if it does go on into a campaign you’re still welcome to join then