Humble Introductions


It is with great pleasure that I stumbled across this group. To find such a passionate group of people, while abroad in Vienna, seems to be the perfect concoction of circumstances to start now.

It’s been a long journey for me to both realize my passion for pen-and-paper RPGs but also to work up the courage to pursue this interest in a more public domain.

My discovery for this passion came from the typical source as of late - that is - Matt Mercer and the Critical Role gang. I have no previous experience but have gone ahead to try and convince a few friends to try out D&D.

I’d be keen to learn the ropes first, though, from a few veterans of the trade. It would be great to meet you lads and lasses at some point in the near future! You’ll soon find out my terrible choice in humour is my best selling point.

That’s it for now, cheers!

Well, hello and welcome!

Yeah, Critical role certainly does seem very popular these days…

If you are interested, we generally meet every Thursday evening at the Spielbar. [url= is the thread for this week’s game…

See you around!