Howdy, Salut, ciao and hallo


I am an old RPG gamer that has taken a looong break from roleplaying, having moved from the UK to sunny Vienna and after many years not touching the dice nor books I have decided it maybe time to playing again.

My experiences range from old Rolemaster to 1st edition D&D, fading suns to Pendragon, MERP to Reves de Dragon (french RPG), Cthulhu to Shadowrun.

So I am looking for a “mature” group either in English, French or Italian to unleash again those dices… can either host or travel, would prefer something new rather than walking in on an already established group that has a game running for years and years…

Welcome to the forums ggarzelli!
AFAIK there is a reguar gaming group for one shots, which can be a nice starting place to get to know the players, and see how the chemistry works to start a new group.

Welcome to the Forum : )

One group playing Pathfinder is currently looking for one player,
but there is a LARP-induced hiatus right now.
This group has just finished the first (out of 6) books of the kingmaker campaign.

The Thread of the Indie/Pendragon Group is here
I joined them as a guest recently and it was really nice.

have fun gaming (again) & see you soon

Thanks for the pointers, will arrange to see if there is a sit free… although I have no pathfinder experience. I am sure I can pick upthings…

Mm … not sure whether we’re all that mature…

But if you want to give it a shot and meet some of the gang, a couple of us will be playing something or other tomorrow evening, and you’re welcome to join us.