Howdy Fellas!

I’m another native Austrian who was brought here by Mr. Neil! (He found me on pen&
I decided to check out your little community, and maybe find some new Players to roll dice with. I’m not sure, if my spoken English is good enough to play or to be GM, but I would love to try.

I’m playing p&p RPG’s for 15 years now. I started (like most people in Germany and Austria) with “the Dark Eye”. Nowadays I mostly play Cthulhu and Private Eye (a victorian detective RPG – think Sherlock Holmes).
Right now, I try to get my head around “A Song of Ice and Fire”. I loved the TV show, and the Corebook looks great.
Besides RPGs I read and write a lot (including graphic novels).

That’s about it. If I missed something, just ask and I will answer asap. :wink:
Hope to have some nice discussions with you guys!


The Sherlock RPG seems great!

Hi there Nutzack! ( :smiley: )

Thanks for joining us. I agree that the Sherlock style RPG sounds cool, I’ll have to check that out. Want to get into Call of Cthulhu myself.

Feel free to post as much or as little as you like, we could do with a bit more activity around here (I know that’s mainly my fault though!)

Hey guys!

Private Eye is a great RPG (if you’re looking for a story driven game, without any supernatural stuff).
It’s written very well, lots of Cthulhu players use it as “1890s London source book” (comes with a nice map).

Sadly it is a very small game. As far as i know, there’s only the Corebook, a GM screen, and 4 adventures.

The publisher sent me a pile of quickstart rules and flyers a while back. If anybody is interested, just let me know. :wink:

Well, Iwouldn’t mind checking these quick start rules, for sure…

Me neither! Although a quick google reveals its a German RPG and my German is unfortunately not food enough :frowning: gonna have to sort that out…and soon.

Btw Nutzack I’ve just got your name reference. I had that game for the Amiga when I was at school. Although we called him “Phil” McKracken. Haha! Good game.

Oh sorry, there is only a german version of Private Eye. I should’ve mentioned that (forgott about your “background”).

After thinking about it, I’m not sure if P.E. would be even acceptable for a british gamer. You probably know way more about London and the victorian age than most german writers would. (Like most people around here have no real use for the Cthulhu Vienna sourcebook.)

Concerning “Phil”:
I loved those point-and-click adventures àla Zak McKracken back in the days as a kid (like Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, …).
I just modified it into Nutzack, because I’m a dirty old man with a weird sense of humor.


…that reminds me, I have to watch Eraserhead… brb.

:open_mouth: Now that’s a weird movie :astonished:

Did you just watch Eraserhead in your lunchbreak?^^

Eraserhead is one of David Lynchs oldest (and finest) movies!
But have you seen Inland Empire? That flick makes Eraserhead look predictable! :wink:

Lynch gives weirdness a whole new dimension. I just love Daves unique surreal style.

I’m on vacation, so I had time ^^.

I’ll give Twin Peaks a try, but only from Eraserhead, he’s not my type of director I think.

Twin Peaks is alot less “Lynch-esque” than Eraserhead or Mullholland Drive.
Chances are you’ll enjoy it, if you’re into suspense movies/shows.

Sadly, there are only 2 seasons, but there is a feature Film (Twin Peaks: fire walk with me), which ends the series on a satisfying note.

I am not sure if (or where) I should make a new thread for this, so I decided to just dust off the old one, to see if I even get an answer… :wink:

I hope everyone is doing alright!

So… I try to assemble a dedicated group to finally give “A Song of Ice and Fire” (Game of Thrones) a try. I was planning on a few evenings (about 2-3), preferably Fridays or Saturdays. If I DM the game, I would prefer to do it in german.

Any fans of Game of Thrones around who are interested in joining me?

Just shoot me a PM or post here, and we can talk about details. I would be happy to hear from you! :slight_smile:


Sounds cool. I’d be interested!
You could just open a thread in the general rpg section to get more attention.

…that reminds me, I have to watch Eraserhead… brb.[/quote]

[quote=“AmLash”]:shock: Now that’s a weird movie :astonished:[/quote]The movie is awesome :laughing:
… but I really like surreal stuff^^

[quote=“Nutzack McKracken”]Twin Peaks is alot less “Lynch-esque” than Eraserhead or Mullholland Drive.
Chances are you’ll enjoy it, if you’re into suspense movies/shows.

Sadly, there are only 2 seasons, but there is a feature Film (Twin Peaks: fire walk with me), which ends the series on a satisfying note.[/quote]
well the last episodes of the second season is quite surreal won’t you say?

and ‘Fire Walk With Me’ is a prequel (but one should view it afterwards)

Well, technically, due to the nature of the movie, it serves as both.
Related - the Blu Ray edition got released recently which included a fair ammount of extra screentime, confirming and dissing some long standing fan theories on the whole show’s plot. Interesting stuff.

@Thopthes: Awesome! I’ll let you know when there are news about the game!
I also might try to open a new thread to see if someone else wants to join us.

@Darthbinks: Ofc the second season is quite surreal at times (wouldn’t be Lynch if not), I just meant compared to some of his movies, like Inland Empire, it feels more “accessible” for viewers not familiar with him.

Hmm, I gotta check that Twin Peaks BluRay out…