How do we think about reflavoring, V.A.L.U.E.-wise?

Just survived my second V.A.L.U.E. session, and while building a T2 character (to be prepared for a time, when T1 isn’t available), I asked myself if DMs allow reflavored stuff here?
In particular I wonder If a reflavored shield could look like (and double as) a cast iron frying pan for a character with the ship’s cook (sailor) background? Just to be on the safe side, I took the Tavern Brawler feat at 4th level, to gain proficiency with improvised weaponry.

reflavoring is fine as long as mechanics are not affected (and it is made obvious that the mechanics are not affected)


Great! V.A.L.U.E. just got more valuable in my book. :grin:

it also never hurts if you just tell the DM at the table you’re playing at that that pan is infact your reflavored shield, just to avoid any misunderstandings :slight_smile:


Since we already opened up this can of worms, here’s a more grayish follow-up question:
Would you allow to reflavor the Double-Bladed Scimitar as a substitute for the Gythka, which basically doesn’t exist in 5e. As a first-hour sucker for Dark Sun, I would very much enjoy the challenge of playing a Thri-Kreen castaway in a one-shot.

I would allow the reflavoring, but I might still have elves react negatively to you using that weapon (depending on the setting I’m running an adventure in)


Fair enough. Though I aimed to replace / reflavor the term “Elves” with “Thri-Kreen” for a cultural staple item. Of course I am aware, that this “cultural re-appropriation” and carbon copy of the two-bladed weapon mechanics needs the consent of the DM. But it’s good to hear, that you basically would allow it.

well Elves don’t react well to Thri-Kreen anyway :rofl:
… at least in Dark Sun

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Plus NOBODY reacts well to elves in Dark Sun. :grin:

So no flashy elven scorcherer, ehm, sorcerer? Well, thats sad… :frowning:
At least you don’t get wet when you fall off a ship …

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Yeah, Athletics (swimming) checks are very SILTuational on Athas. :disguised_face:

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