How about something not DnD? Delve into the Heart!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been gone for a while, finished up my own DnD campaigns and now look to play something entirely different. Therefor I am looking for 3, at most 4 players to start playing a new game. In my research, I’ve stumbled onto Heart - The City Beneath. If you don’t know what that is, easiest would be to watch this lovely review:

To give a TLDR: A narrative focused TTRPG, where your characters delve into this enigmatic rift in reality - the Heart. This game is heavily focused on horror (lots of body horror, lovecraftian nightmares, madness, etc.) and player agency. Your characters have a desperate reason to go beneath the Spire, or are woefully insane to try and do so. The chances of coming back alive are very slim, and it is all about achieving your greatest ambition.

This game heavily relies on player buy-in, wanting to experience interesting stories with each other (and not being the hero of a DnD campaign that comes out on top). What is driving the plot is the players ambition and emotions, the connections they form and the struggle they need to overcome. There is no overarching plot set in stone. But I am very confident that this will not diminish the quality of the story :slight_smile:

For all those reasons, I am looking for people that are emotionally intelligent and interested in collaborative story telling. Absolutely no experience with RPG’s needed.

A short pitch at the end: The classes are absolutely fantastic, the world oozes with interesting landmarks and conflicts, the game system is built from the ground up to facilitate this kind of story telling. I have not run this game yet, but have a very good amount of experience running games in general :smiley:


Heart is the same system as Spire - those among us who have played that can vouch it is a ton of fun to play!

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I was really torn between those two settings, but ended up being more enraptured with the heart :smiley: But yeah, it’s literally right below the Spire and heavily tied into the lore and politics of the spire, alas much less restricted in its scope.

I would be very keen to try it. I have played heart once,so somewhat familiar with the serting. It’s is very enthralling to play and narrate, and the classes together with their advances are very creative. I hope I can make it given my own time constraints, but if the gods align, reserve me a spot

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I haven’t played it, but read into it yesterday and it sounds amazing. Please sign me up

I’m gonna send you pm’s to get into more details! :slight_smile:

Hi! Tho I don’t have a lot of experience (one OSE campaign that’s ended a while ago and watching DnD streams), I’d be very interested in playing! Please let me know if you’re still looking for players :slightly_smiling_face:

Might be a bit late here, but still interested Wont be able to commit to a full campaign though - just a disclaimer

Colour me interested

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I’m super interested to play this.

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I am struggling so hard to see if I already wrote a reply to you, this website is confusing the hell out of me D: I dearly hope I did not miss writing you!! If you are still interested, I’d be happy to exchange a few messages over 0670/6049767. I wrote a short primer about the world, classes, story - it has about 3 pages with lots of pictures ^^ Very sorry again if you did not hear from me yet!

Same goes for the rest here!