Household RPG: one shot [Full]

Hey I’d like to try out the tabletop roleplaying game Household.


The game is about fairies and other small creatures of european folklore in an old mansion. Since the „Old Masters“ have left the fey creatures have created their own societies and nations. The game is very late 18th -19th century.

Name of the one-shot is: The Hunt for Eldorado.

Plot: You are someone down on your luck and need money fast. Perhaps you want to buy a new house, perhaps someone is ill and you need medicine, perhaps you simply owe the wrong people money.
But you have heard a legend. The great criminal and robber baron, the boggart Gimmel Goldtooth has hidden his fortune deep somewhere in this house. The problem is only to find it. Perhaps there are some records of him somewhere.

Theme: heist, investigation, adventure

System: the system is a d6 system where the goal is to reach as many matching faces as possible. There are ways to reroll and special abilities with classes etc.

Who is this for? Anyone really who is interested to play a small creature in a big house.

How can I join? Just write here under the post.

I don‘t know the system? No problem. We will learn it together and I will post additional stuff later/ send you information about the rules.

When? We choose a date after I have found some players

There seem to be a lot of people already? No problem, I can run that one shot or another one a second time.


Sounds really interesting, id love to join! Dont think ive played the system before but it doesnt sound too hard :o

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Sounds fun - I’d like that change of perspective

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Would be fun to try something else

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I would love to try it too. When do you plan to run the one-shot?

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Middle of June or beginning of July. Will make a doodle/whentomeet/rally/etc.

If I do it twice the second time will be in August (probably)

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Sounds like fun, I’d be interested :smiley:

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would :heart: to join

would like to play a Sluagh

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Looks like we have six players. If more want to join I’ll make a second group or we split them more evenly.
So if you want to join it is still open

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