Hopefully joining you all soon

Hello all,
I’m 23 years old, French and I will be moving to Vienna for at least a year in mid-September.
I first played D&D 10 years ago during summer holidays for a few years. I loved it instantly and I managed to convince some friends to try it and I was a DM for them through the last year of middle school using a cool game based on the French “comic” Lanfeust de Troy (no idea if it’s known outside of France sorry). Sadly after that I didn’t get to play any kind of pen and paper role play.
I started watching critical role produced by geek and sundry a few weeks ago and it reignited my love for RPG and I’m now really excited to go back to it.
I would like to play anything and everything. If the opportunities arise I would love to play a longer campaign but I’m really up for anything.

(PS : I’m still looking for a flat in Vienna, if you have a lead on something let me know :wink: )

Welcome : )

we meet at the SpielBar - 1080 Wien, Lederergasse 26
(almost) every week at Thursdays 7:30 pm

we run OneShots, so there is no problem showing up just for occasion

if you want to show up, just post in the relevant weekly Thursdays Group threat

The series was translated into German, but I have never read it.

You should.

At least the first series; it kinda suffer from the "we run out of things to say, but this shit is making money! " syndrome toward the end and jumps the space-shark at about the time it becomes SF…

Welcome Flora, as Leo said, Spielbar at 19h30, most weeks… Best place for one shots (and to collect contacts to put a longer-ranging group together…)

I will definitely try to come to Spielbar when I’m settled in Wien.
And I concur, Lanfeust is great !

See you then!