History inspired fourm RPGs, anyone interested?

Hello everyone!

Some time ago I played a game over Reddit with an interesting concept. Basic idea is you have a map of Europe in the year 1500 and each player picks a state to play. Time advances at something like 3 months a week and every now and then you are supposed to make a post about what’s going on in your state, what the King/Queen/Doge/Regency is up to etc.
I’m talking of course about EmpirePowers for those that are familiar.

I’ve had great fun at the time, but since the game was so big (ca 120 players) it collapsed fairly quickly.

Hence why I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in playing something like it, but on a smaller scale. Just a gauge for now, haven’t got any immediate plans. so who’s up for it?

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Sounds interesting

I’ll make sure to inform you if anything develops, but as you’re the only one so far I don’t think we can start any time soon.