Hi there,

my name is Ally and I’m from Vienna. So far I’m still new to this whole RPG thing but I really like it. Mainly I got into it because of my boyfriend Neil :wink:
So far I’ve only played pathfinder (4 times) and a session of D&D 3.5 which we played at Josip’s yesterday (and I really loved it.)

I’m really into Lord of The Rings books and films, especially the Elves! I’ve almost finished the Hunger Games trilogy and I really like other games like Werewolf, Black Stories and Nobody’s Perfect.

Maybe see you around? :slight_smile:

Hehe, I just started reading The Hunger Games this week after buying a box with all three books in it. So until we play again I might have finished the trilogy already :wink:

Well hello there :slight_smile:

yeah the hunger games got me totally hooked - I can’t stop reading! I’m half way through book 3 now and the story gets better and better :slight_smile: Have you seen the film so far? I watched it last week after I read the book - I’m not telling you anything though in case you haven’t seen / you want to see the film. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I haven’t watched the movie as I want to finish the book first, but I watched the trailer yesterday and am therefore very eager to read a lot this weekend.

Hello back.

Glad you liked the game.

I haven’t read the “hunger game” myself. I am planning on getting them from Amazon as soon as I have caught up with the pile of books I already have and haven’t not read yet…

[color=#008000]Simon, you’ll love the Hunger Games - I couldn’t take it out of my hands! See you soon :slight_smile: [/color]

I’ve read them twice now, and they really are amazingly compelling. And Collins did a truly fantastic job with on the one hand laying on the metaphor so thick it’s unmissable, but thin enough to leave the books readable.

I… have no intention of seeing the movie. I have strong feelings about movie adaptations of books.

Now that is why the book sounds familiar, i saw the trailer to the movie.

I am looking forward to it…