Hi (^-^)v


I guess this is the place for an overcomplicated introduction. So…
Actually i’m an austrian native but generally i prefere to do everything in english. I work mostly with english speaking colleagues as well. So easily 70 percent of my day is english, 15 german and 15 japanese.

Anyway around spring this year i got into rpgs.
I spent months reading the rules for different ones and planning characters. But i have come to a point where that doesn’t slake my thirst anymore. I would really like to play someday.
Problem is, i don’t have a group to play with.
And secondly, as someone who is shy and introverted, i rarely meet new people. The ones that got to know me seem to really appreciate my company though.
It’s the initial contact which is very difficul for me. And i really suck at small talk (^^ゞ
So maybe i could join your Thursday gatherings at some point, standing around awkwardly, and scared of talking to anyone. If that is okay (^

Sorry for the long post.


Hello, hello!

It certainly does look like the Thursday games would be a good fit… That’s why I like gaming… No need for (much) small talks!