Hi there!

Hello everybody! Figured it might be a good idea to introduce myself here since I’m planning on coming to AL tomorrow. I’m Kieran and I live near Vienna, love cats, photography, music, nature and draw a lot.
I only have experience with D&D 5E and have been playing on roll20 since 2017, but couldn’t find people to play with irl so far. The Adventure Zone (and Critical Role) introduced me to the game and I seem to have a preference for bards and warlocks when it comes to classes c:

(Just a heads-up to avoid confusion later on, I go by he/him pronouns (alternatively they/them). It helps me feel at ease and I always greatly appreciate it when people make an effort to use them c:)

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all! Have a good one!


Hi there, welcome to the group! Excited to meet you tomorrow. I’m (also?) nonbinary and use they/them pronouns exclusively :rainbow_flag: Come say hi (very curly blonde hair), maybe we can be at the same table! :smiley:

Hey. Nice to meet ya.
Im Paul, and I hope you will like it here.
Anywho I will be at the cafe appx 1 hour earlier so if you would need help with creating a character I would gladly assist)

Thanks for the welcome :smiley: I’m definitely gonna come say hi later, haha. So, see you soon!

Hi, nice to meet you too :smiley:
My friend and I are very likely gonna need a bit of help later, so thanks for the offer! See you later, then!