Hi there! new to p'n'p'n'stuff


My name is Michael.
I’m 36 years old native viennese.

I’m as interested in pathfinder and pushing miniatures over a grid as i’m interested in some storytelling cthulhu stuff.

I did some larp, and spent tons of time on neverwintert PWs.
P’n’p - rulewise i’m a total newb.

Hello, Dunkelgelb!

We have an open game night every Thursday night at the Spielbar, starting around 7. It’s one-shots every time, anywhere from 1-3 groups depending on the number of people who show up. The bad news is that it almost certainly won’t involve pathfinder unless it’s specifically arranged – people like to try out new stuff and, even, if more people show up than expected, improv their way through. But you would be absolutely welcome to join. Cthulhu happens more or less often – the system is easy to run, so it applies to more than just Lovecraftian horror stories. And we do have a beginner’s Pathfinder thread here, perhaps you can find what you are looking for there: “Beginner lfg Pathfinder”.