Hi pretty new

I’ve been trying to get back into dnd ever since a 3.5e campaign an old friend ran 4 years ago. Knowing that finding a DM is hard I decided to give it a try and DM a 5e adventure for close friends.
I’m hoping to be able to DM properly at some point but until then i d like to join you as a PC in one of your Adventurers League games at some point.
Keep in mind im still kinda new to pen and paper in general.

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Welcome! Adventurers League is a great place for newish players to learn the game and to get to know the community. Also it is a great place to practice dming (since the adventures rarely run more than one session). And if you ever decide to run your own homegame your group should be full in about 0.2 attoseconds. So think about asling for only the best of players and maybe a virgin sacrifice or two if one wants to join your game😉