Hi, my name is Ohmi

I just found this awesome place because of a flyer in some games shop and i really like the way this forum is organized!

In my home town I used to play fairly regularly (once a week) for about 3 - 4 months with friends, so i have a little bit of experience. But since i moved to Vienna I’ve been looking for an opportunity to take up the hobby once again.

We played “the black eye”, which is still the only system i have tried. Honestly it would be great for me to continue in that system, because of the background knowledge required. (A lot of which i have, but jumping into another game before knowing how to play the first doesn’t feel right)

What i liked most about the group I played with before is the focus on roleplay, as opposed to dungeoncrawling. Heck, at times our party consisted of a professor, a drunk monk, a lumberjack and a farmer, who runs his own tavern. Compare that to almost all DnD groups.

I am, by the way, a native austrian. But my english is acceptable and i am always looking to improve it.



Harald was talking about running Schwartzen Augen a while back…

We do a lot of one shots and weekly games (Thursdays at the Spielbar).
You are very welcome to come by and check it our.

Ps- The site was modified a few months back. But I agree that Neil, our webmaster did a great job.

Jep, I will gladly come to the Spielbar tomorrow. But I don’t know if I can take part in a game, maybe.

Well, if you have time, I am sure you’d be welcome to.