Hi, I'm moving to Vienna soon!

Nice to meet you guys!
I’m 26 yo female, from Poland, call me Natasha.
I wonder if there’s any commission painting studio that i could work for. I’ve been painting professionaly here in my country(Poland), made a living of it and loved it. I’m moving cause of personal reasons and I’m gonna miss my job: painting and having fun with amazing artists. I work most efficiently when I have a boss looking over me. I know that’s almost impossible to find a job like this but it’s worth to try and ask!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Having fun with amazing artists is actually easy
getting actually paid for that, was crazy hard even before the pandemic.

To put this into perspective:
Several ones I know, typically share the rent of their own workshop/gallery with fellow artists to be able to exhibit their work, so they actually spend more money on their art than they are making!

a regular quote:

somehow everyone here expects art to be free

To get actually money for your work basically all artists go solo, building (in your case re-building) your brand, finding Mecenas sztuki (in lack of an english term^^), galleries that want to host you …
and all this is hard-mode even for those, who have started to build up their brand-recognition/contacts from their Art University days here …

Honestly selling your art as a solo artist through the internet is easier and more efficient.

The only big exeption is "Restoration Work"
should you have solid experience in this field it should not be a problem to find a group :+1:

So … and I mean this as genuine and non-sarcastic as possible I can phrase this …
Good Luck you gonna need it :slight_smile:


I’m aware how rare it is :sweat_smile: our company is made of 12 professional mini painters, and our amazing boss. Every painter have same salary, benefits and tips from customers. Only stressing thing about it is deadline. The faster and better painter you are more you earn. It’s hard job, seriously. My back and hands can tell. I don’t care about customers and money. I care about painting full time (I know how it sounds). I’m autistic and every other job in my life was hell. Also I’m not capable of managing projects\clients on my own, that’s main problem.
For Polish standards everything was above medium wages. Poland is freaking poor country, remember XD (now everything is making even more sense. Our currency is dead) I just realized that probably US clients made it possible to be real-deal company.
It’s good to know how it works and there’s possibility to rent a painting studio. Maybe I need my own manager? :thinking:

our company is made of 12 professional mini painters, and our amazing boss

that sounds really awesome :heart_eyes_cat:

Maybe I need my own manager? :thinking:

typically they (new/struggling artists) team up in groups here, and only go solo if already successful (which is rare; and those have … maybe … hired promoters)
hmm … maybe you can find a team that also helps/supports you with promotion?
cannot help you there sadly

and … yeah as mentioned already … (sadly) social skills are even more important than artistic skills in the business
… forging connections, getting people to know you & your work, collaborations, promotion …

Maybe if you go into graphic design?
but the market for that is kinda full … so you have to basically displace someone else’s job by being better (… or cheaper :frowning: )
but this should pay enough to make a decent living at least

or be crazy good & lucky and get accepted into the Conservation & Restoration Curriculum
(as a side note you must have B2 German to be able to try to qualify)
and then try to get a stipendium
Admission examinations are in February as far as I remember.

Our currency is dead

Wouldn’t call it dead, but … yeah the złoty is under a lot of pressure right now

Wish you the best & again “Good Luck” :slight_smile:

Hello fellow painter :slight_smile:

I would suggest contacting Marcus @ https://www.marcusminiaturesshop.com/
Marcus is a pro painter and a friendly person. If he does not require additional help, I am sure he can help you in reaching out to the pro painting community here in Vienna.

Being an ethusiastic hobby painter I do a a bit of commissioning work, alas mostly for friends and acquaintances (i posted some work here) :slight_smile: That said, I really understand the effort painting requires (especially on a pro level, where you have to paint multitudes of minis taking into account time efficiency and quality)… it is one of the reasons I never considered going pro, aside from my regular job as well as being a tennis coach.

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