Hi, i'm Moritz!

Hi there, my name is Moritz (he/him)!

So i wanted to get into D&D for a while now, i’ve actually played a one shot 3 or 4 years ago but then somehow never got further (maybe because the pirate theme didn’t really fit what i expected from D&D). Now i’ve played the new Baldur’s Gate and it really got me interested in D&D again. So i hope i will be able to join a game soon!

A little about me, i’m 25 years old, originally from Germany, studied Psychology in Innsbruck and moved to Vienna 2 years ago. I work in HR (just as @katnyx, funny coincidence) and i’m really into cooking, skateboarding and generally being active outdoors. I just got into reading again aswell and i’ve been playing videogames ever since childhood. Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Hi Moritz, welcome to the community!

Hi Moritz. Welcome :slight_smile:


I know next to nothing about the game but will be gladly help any way I can. Attached my favorite 2022 HR meme for you.

Perfect start, got one for you @katnyx aswell haha

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