Hi, I guess?

Hi. So I’ve been trying get my friends to play D&D or Pathfinder or any P&P RPG at all with me for way too long now and eventually this has led me to this site. I’ve gathered that you guys regularly meet and play so I thought I’d try to join some time if I may.

I am mostly unexperienced due to having had no real opportunity to play before but enthusiastic. Hopefully I get a chance for it soon.

Is there a schedule or something when you meet, which days of the week or is it randomly whenever you are in the mood? And when would be the next best opportunity? Just so I don’t accidently decide come by on a day no one of you is actually there.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there and welcome.

Best see the general RPG discussion. That might give you a hint when we are usually meeting and where and sometimes even what will be played, for this can be rather random.

  • Chylli


We now have the glorious “arrange a game” section!