Hi i am Otschi and I have not played DnD bevore


Hi i am Otschi
Hi i am absolut new to DnD and I have not even played it.
I am 20 Jears old and my english is probably not the best.
I am interrested in playing DnD5e and I already have a Players handbook (german version)
So if anyone in or near Vienna (I am from Lower Austria district Mödling) is looking for a player and would introduce me to the game please contact me.

greatings from the heaviest armed scout I know


Count me in when you start a session(=


ok i will contact you if there is something happening


Welcome to the Forum Otschi, try Thursdays in the Spielbar. there are always threads for the next one where people are gonna show up.


To Bad that i am on thursdays at the eveningscool


Welcome Otschi !
I am leaving for holidays next week but if it helps, I can run a D&D session for absolute beginners when I come back…