Hi hello :D New player and freelance artist on board!

Hi everyone! :smiley:

So glad I found RPG Vienna. I played Warhammer a couple of years ago - which was my first pen & paper experience ever - and I absolutely LOVED it. :smiley: Unfortunately, real life happened and our group drifted apart, but I really wanna get back into it, especially since I’m hooked on Critical Role now. Oops. :eyes:

I’m a freelance artist (character design), sooo I’d say that’s a big pro of having me as a group member shameless self promo

I’ve never played DnD, but I wouldn’t say I don’t know ANYTHING about it. I have a bunch of DnD centered OCs, and I’m very flexible and happy to choose the character that the DM thinks best fits the current campaign or meshes well with the group. Communication is key <3

Group-wise I’m looking for:

  • English or German groups (German is technically my first language, but I’m more comfortable RPing in English, but either is fine)
  • Online or face to face
  • A beginner-friendly group
  • High Fantasy settings with Tieflings, Drows, and all of that fun stuff
  • Fellow nerds and adventurers to make friends with <3

Let me know if you wanna add me on discord!


Hey Clove,

I just posted our request looking for players for our new campaign… ( HELP! …. A world needs saving!) And then I saw the post from sam, with whom you are in contact right now I guess…from there I got to your post… and yeah long story short: we are actually looking for 3 players, so if all three of you, or just either one is interessted, let us know… :wink:

cheers Matt

Sent you a message : D

Hello There!

It seems that we are looking for the same things DnD wise! I want to try out DMing so maybe we could talk on Discord and see what happens? Also sidenote: I am hooked on Critical role aswell haha.