Hi guys!

Well… Hello.
My name is Daniel, 24, law student and I’m from Vienna. I am currently in search of a D&D-esque (hence - medieval-ish Pen&Paper) RP Group in Vienna.
My experience with Pen&Paper is limited to a few sessions with my brother years ago. However I have been Roleplaying both purely text-based and in Second life in numerous scenarios (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland) for over ten years now in both German and, in the last 5 years almost exclusively, in English.
So my German RP-Skills would be rather limited anyhow and I don’t press on employing them if English seems preferable.

A friend of mine has supplied me with Players Handbooks Edition 3,5 and 4 as well as some PDFs of ‘further reading’. Also I am an avid listener of the Podcast “Nerdpoker” which lets one listen in to the D&D Adventures of Stand-Up Comedian Brian Posehn and his friends.

But enough for now - I’m looking forwards to looking around the Forum and perhaps even meeting some or all of you.

Best wishes,

So folks… I created a character and filled out this character sheet (With my players Handbook Edition 3,5). I was hoping someone kind-hearted could look it over and give me his/her two cents about it. Have I made mistakes? Left something out? Misunderstood?

The character concept is one that I’ve read somewhere ages ago and that I found absolutely hilarious.
A half-orc Barbarian, stupid as the night is dark, who thinks himself a shaman/wizard.
This means when he has a foe before him he casts ‘Gruumshs crushing wrath’ upon their heads… by smashing their head with his Greatclub. Or ‘Wizard Stick’ as he calls it. When the battle is done he might need to meditate (take a nap) or offer some food to the gods (by eating it). Of course he also thinks he sees signs in the ways birds fly and can deduce deeper meaning behind any and all texts. Of course he has to go to a deeper meaning behind them because he can’t deduce the usual meaning… he can’t read.

Hoping for feedback and wishing you all a great day!

Not knowing the key data (probably set by the GM) for the actual game here are some notes after taking a quick look:
Looks good, although you might (or probably will)- depending on the GM - incur some penalties for using an oversized weapon.

I personally wouldn’t dump INT even though it might fit the character. You’ll get much less skill points since the INT penalty is subtracted from the 4 base points every level. (Down to a minimum of 1)
So you’ll essentially only get 2 points per level. Considering that many skills are INT and CHA (which you also dumped) based this will lead to a good damage dealer that might die from falling off a cliff.

Also I’d rather pick Power Attack instead of Toughness. A barbarian has the highest HitDie in the game and will get enough HP through this and other things like Rage already, so Power Attack will probably be more useful.

BTW: If you haven’t played it yet: Check out Pathfinder
It is based on 3.5 and introduced many cool new things to the game.