Hi guys!

I have been living in Vienna for about 2 years now, but only now I got the idea that a group like this might exist! Very happy to find you!

I come from Chile, and I am a very classic RPG player, a D&D 3.5 to be precise. I have played some other RPG games, but somehow I always come back to the classics! :slight_smile:

Have a nice!!

(Don’t be mislead by my name, I am a warrior male dwarf lvl38!)


as I mentioned to Laeforin today:
there is the Thursdays gaming group at the Spielbar
and a thread :slight_smile: in the General RPG Discussion Sub-Forum where we organise things

in addition you could always participate on the D&D Edition wars here on the forum :mrgreen:

Welcome !

Welcome to the forum!
If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at Pathfinder. It’s based on 3.5 and made some nice improvements.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I have only heard about pathfinder. People say it like D&D 3.5 but more balance, whatever it means. I think I will have to give it a chance! :slight_smile:

You should. It’s pretty good.

Sheesh, what a thread. Er, welcome, Kas? :smiley:[/quote]

Hey H, when you told me that the D&D edition wars were going to find me, I thought it was a good joke, but now I realize it wasn’t! Hahahahha

Ok ok guys, I will give a pathfinder a try!! hahahah