Hi from Hungary!

Greetings, fellow Adventurers,

After two years of living in Vienna, I realized, this would be the right time to start again my old hobby, playing paper-and-pencil RPG. As my I acquintances sadly don’t really interested about such a great activity, I’d like to join to the ranks of the fellow Viennese adventurers.

It was quite a long time ago when I’ve visited the lands of might, intrique and magic, but I still remember some of the old rules (and happy to recap/learn new ones). I’ve played then mainly with D&D 3.0, Vampire, Alien, Cyberpunk; but I also had a chance to get a peek into D&D 4.0, Warhammer 40k (pen-and-paper version), Star Wars, Call of Chutulu (and M.A.G.U.S, if there are any hungarian groups around). However, I’d be more than ready to get to know new settings (including Pathfinder, newer - or older - version of D&D, Shadowrun, or anything else).

While my character prepares for the unknown dangers, I work during daytime at St. Pölten, so I’d prefer sessions starting at the evening (19:00 or later).

I’m looking forward to explore the magical realms with you, fellow adventurers - and have a great time together!


Good evening, have you seen our weekly game? It occurs Thursdays at 19h30… That might be of interest to you…

Thanks Simon, I just saw; I’m looking forward to it!