Hi from a newbie!


I asked at a game shop in Vienna if they could give me some information on RPG groups for beginners and they suggested this forum. I’m living in Vienna at the moment and would like to join a beginners’ group playing in English.

I’ve played some Dungeons and Dragons years ago and I’d like to play in epic fantasy again. I’d prefer to play in English but my mother tongue is Serbo-Croat and I could also play in Spanish or French (no German though :frowning:). Though I can’t use much time for it, 2-4x/month I can manage.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


Hello Tam!

You are in the right place. Keep hanging around and look at the posts, you will most likely find a spot in one group (though I think currently all groups are filled to the brim).

Maybe fill in your profile a bit more, so it’s easier for people to find a new player (or gain surprise-gifts, like it happened to me just recently).

Have fun,

Thanx Frazzlerunning! I’m totally new to this (guess that much is obvious :wink:



Hopefully you’ll find a group soon. Until then, there are regular one sjots going on…

Doabr dan!
Look around, there are new players coming and making new groups all the time! :slight_smile:

Someone in the general rpg discussion is also shooting for a once per month indie game session. Check it out!

Thanx all! :slight_smile: