Hi fellow RPG enthusiasts

I just stumbled upon this board and thought I’d give it a shot :wink:

I’m a native Austrian and currently DMing a homebrew campaign of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons for a small group (3 players) in German. My RPG experience is somewhat limited but I am willing to change that.

I live 3km north of Schwechat (technically still in Vienna) and have enough room to host games for up to 6 people.

Welcome Biggles! I hope you find something here for you!

Ha… 4th Edition, that’s still my favourite, I think…


Welcome Biggles! Grab a Mountain Dew! (That’s what english roleplayers are drinking, right? ^^)

Ha! Yeah I heard (read) about that too. I thought it was more of an American thing, though. Is it any good? I might give it a try.

Welcome Biggles!

Nice of you to drop by :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a North American stereotype (that and Cheetos forsome reason), but that doesn’t mean that the English could not adopt the habit for themselves…

Provided you can find Mountain Dew in Albion, which I suspect you can…

If I remember correctly it’s available at Bobby’s, so if one doesn’t mind overpaying one can get it here.

Bobby’s also has Frank’s Red Hot. People put that shit on everything.

I am also 100% certain the Brits can find a way to destroy Mountain Dew and/or Cheetos. I’m not sure how, but they can be creative.

Note: the above comment comes from someone who adores British pub food, but still…

Salt and Vinegar cheetos!