Hi everybody

Hi all!

Me and my girlfriend are looking for people to play rpgs games based or derivated from D&D. We live in Vienna and we would be happy to meet some others with the same wish.

We are both 30+ and we have a little/medium experience with this kind of games as players, but I have no idea how to organize a group, but we found this forum and it looks like a great opportunity!

Andrea and Pia


As far as I know, there currently are two Pathfinder group running (which seems pretty much like what you are looking for) but both are full… :frowning:

However, Frazzlerunning has mentioned wanting to [url=http://rpgvienna.com/t/preferred-system/39/1 a group[/url], and, as far as I know, he is still looking for players. In fact, last time I checked, he was going to offer a looser format for the game, which would make it easy for players to hop in and out…

Otherwise, if you want to start your own group as a DM, the easiest is to write down what you want to play (not only the game system but the kind of campaign you’d like to run and, if you are going to run a published module, its title) then let people post if they are interested.
We have people coming around fairly regularly, looking for group, so it should not be too difficult. After all, three to four players is enough to start a group…

We are definitely not so advanced to play as DM :stuck_out_tongue:

I replied in the thread you indicated and sent a pm to Frazzlerunning. Hopefully we will be able to play soon!

Welcome to the forum!

Like Simon said, I’m looking to start my own game, but I see you already posted there, PM’ed me and checked dates on the doodle, so I’ll head on over to my own thread.

Have fun on the board!

Hi there, yea we are interested in the same thing :smiley:

Hi! contact Frazzlerunning, we are organizing somthing for this saturday

Frazzle will be a great DM, wish you lot of fun!