Hi, all

Always nice to talk with other Viennese gamers…

Hi there yourself -H-

I don’t think I’ve seen more of a mysterious post as this :wink:

Yep, international man of mystery, that’s me. :sunglasses:

Seriously, though, not too much to say. I’m a gamer who lives in … wait for it … Vienna. Just like pretty much everyone else here, I assume. Ho hum.

I’m probably not quite who you designed the site for - I already have a great RPG group. We’ve played all sorts of things lately, from AD&D to Star Wars to Mouse Guard. Call of Cthulhu is our current game of choice, although last week we squeezed in a Pathfinder session. Generally, I enjoy traditional games more than indies, but it’s all good.

I also enjoy playtesting and just shooting the breeze about these games of ours, long walks on the beach … oh, wait, there’s no beach here. Never mind.

You haven’t walked down the Danube on a summer evening, have you? Cross the bridge from Swedenplatz, head down the stairs, and there’s an entire line of bars that have poured sand on the ground and set up beach chairs. Actual conversation with an Austrian friend while walking there:

Me: Man, you guys will do anything for a coastline.
AF: We used to have one.
Me: That was more than 100 years ago!

That’s cool -H- I mainly designed the site people who enjoy socialising while rolling polyhedral dice, I think you fit in there :wink: starting to get into Call of Cthulhu myself recently. Picked up “Trail” last week although I know it’s
not to everyones taste. Hoping to pick up the real CoC when I cam find it locally.

The local stores often have free quickstart rules (in German), if that’s something you’d be interested in. They’re actually quite comprehensive despite the small package, and come with an adventure, too.